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AAAIP is your one-stop-shop for resources that will support you at all points of your AAI journey. We collaborate with field leaders and subject matter experts to provide best practices, intervention ideas, summaries of research, template documents, and more.

Free Professional Resources: Guiding Documents for Competent Practice 


Field Terminology 

The field of animal-assisted interventions (AAI) has often been characterized by confusion surrounding terminology. Over the years, numerous terms have been proposed, leading to a lack of clarity and consistency in communication. Recognizing this issue, AAAIP champions clear and standardized terminology as established by leaders and practitioners in the field. 


The AAAIP Competencies


Competencies for the Ethical Inclusion of Therapy and Facility Animals

This document outlines attitudes, knowledge, skills, and abilities for the professional AAI practitioner. Whether you plan to incorporate your own animal or partner with a paraprofessional or volunteer to bring AAI to your clients, the competencies articulate that which is specific to AAI in addition to the competencies unique to your vocation. View the Competencies.



Practice Analysis

Animal-Assisted Intervention Specialist Practice Analysis

AAAIP facilitated the process of determining essential knowledge that a professional should have before partnering with a therapy animal. This resource articulates 115 statements in five different topic areas that have been deemed essential by the field. The content assessed on The Animal-Assisted Intervention Specialist (AAI-S) certification exam is based on this document.




Standards of Practice for Animal-Assisted Interventions

AAAIP has identified competencies and essential knowledge for AAI professionals, but there are also standards of practice for volunteers operating as handlers.





Understanding Liability Insurance

It can be difficult to understand what kind of insurance coverage you need when working in this space. This short video will help you understand where to look in your existing policy and who to contact should you have a need for more coverage.





Free Professional Resources: Supporting AAI Research

AAAIP champions the empirical investigation of AAI. We work to bridge the gap between research and practice by making findings available and applicable to AAI professionals. We also champion high-quality investigation of the intervention and assist in designing studies that capture the field's best.  
AAI Information Tabel Templates for Researchers AAI Information Table Templates
for Researchers
Partnering with Researchers    Partnering with Researchers  

Free Professional Resources: Documenting Therapy Animal Behavior

AAI Professionals should have clearly defined processes for tracking and responding to their therapy animal's behavior over time. Three related templates are provided to the public based on suggestions from field subject matter experts. To learn how to best utilize tools like these, AAAIP offers online coursework (with link) that take a deep dive into therapy animal training and best practices.   
Emotional Response Tracker for Therapy Animals        Emotional Response Tracker for Therapy Animals  
Reward System Tracker for Therapy Animals Reward System Tracker for Therapy Animals  
Body Language Inventory for Therapy Animals Body Language Inventory for Therapy Animals  

Members Only Resources


AAAIP Members enjoy access to a growing body of resource documents and recorded educational offerings to support their work with therapy animals. ​

Members can log in to access tools such as:​

  • AAI Informed Consent Template Documents ​
  • Screening Tools for AAI Providers​
  • Infographics describing key aspects of human-animal interaction and AAI

AAAIP Members also have complimentary access to a growing body of mini-conference events such as:


AAAIP Content and Research Pages

Check out this recorded series featuring conversations with field leaders that helped prepare the way for AAAIP to be launched.   

 Aubrey Fine Facebook Live


The Importance of Supporting AAI Professionals

A conversation with Dr. Aubrey Fine,
author of the Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy.
Available on Facebook or YouTube.

Having served as one of the most influential field leaders helping professionals learn how to safely integrate therapy animals into their practice, Dr. Aubrey Fine has a long history of advocacy and expertise in the AAI space. Dr. Fine talks about his journey working with therapy animals while also discussing the importance of coming together as professionals to advance the field. Whether you’ve been an AAI professional for years or are just getting started, this conversation will help identify the roles each of us can take in promoting AAI that takes place in professional settings.

  Therapy Dog Talk Podcast and Instagram Live
Sherrie Rohde, the host of the Therapy Dog Talk Podcast and AAAIP member, speaks with Dr. Taylor Chastain Griffin, Executive Director of AAAIP and the National Director of AAI Advancement at Pet Partners. Listen now.
Meet the Leaders in AAI Meet the Leaders in AAI  

White Papers

In collaboration with our sister organization, Pet Partners, AAAIP offers several whitepapers available for download:   
ARE White Paper Animal-Related Engagement  
Benefits of the Human Animal Bond
AAI in Prof Settings
Animal-Assisted Therapy in Occupational Therapy PDF Animal-Assisted Therapy in Occupational Therapy