Upcoming Events

AAAIP hosts three different kinds of events throughout the year: mentoring circles, mini-conferences, and Get the Zoomies sessions. All events are free to AAAIP members. Non-members may register for events open to the public if you have a login which you can create here.


Mentoring Circles: Join expert guest speakers for a short presentation on the designated topic followed by a discussion between the expert and AAAIP members with corresponding questions on the topic. *All Mentoring Circle recordings are available to members in the AAAIP Online Community.   


Mini-Conferences: These 2-3 hour sessions feature several expert speakers presenting on FAQs and best practices.

*All Mini-Conference recordings are available to members and to registrants who can’t attend live.


Get the Zoomies: Quick bursts of learning on topics relevant to AAI professionals.  

*All Get the Zoomie recordings are available to members and to registrants who can’t attend live. 


*Note that the topics covered on this calendar are subject to change based on ongoing member feedback.



August 27th


Mini-Conference: Competencies for the Ethical Inclusion of Therapy and Facility Animals 

7-9 pm ET, 4-6 pm PT (followed by a 30 minute Q/A session for anyone who wants to stay online) 


Speakers: Dr. Aubrey Fine, Dr. Leslie Stewart, and Mickie Rops  

Description: Join us for an insightful session with leading experts who have championed the creation of essential competencies for the ethical inclusion of therapy and facility animals. This event will delve into the importance of these competencies and the rigorous process of identifying them based on top industry standards.

Participants will gain valuable knowledge on how to integrate these competencies into their daily work within the Animal-Assisted Intervention (AAI) space, contributing to the movement towards increased professionalism and standardization in the field. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your practice and join a community dedicated to ethical and effective AAI practices.

Access: $29 registration fee OR free to AAAIP Members - Register Here


September 17th


Mentoring Circle: Therapy Animals with Complex Youth Populations

7-8 pm ET, 4-5 pm PT



Speaker: Trevor Bell, LCSW 

Description: Join Social Worker Trevor Ball as he shares his expertise in integrating therapy animals into group settings for complex youth clients. This session will feature compelling case study examples, illustrating effective strategies and outcomes. Following the presentation, there will be dedicated discussion time for attendees to ask questions, share best practices, and exchange success stories. 

Access: AAAIP Members only Register Here 

September 26th  

Mentoring Circle: AAIS Study Group  

7-8 pm ET, 4-5 pm PT 



Speakers: Michelle Taynor, Taylor Chastain Griffin, Mary Margaret Callahan  

Description: Do you have questions about the content on the AAIS certification exam? Are there domains on the exam’s practice exam that you’re not scoring well on? Bring your questions about the content and we’ll also share tips and tricks for studying to earn your AAIS certification.  

Access: AAAIP Members only Register Here 


October 29th


Get the Zoomies: End of Year AAI Program Evaluation

7-8 pm ET, 4-5 pm PT



Speaker: Dr. Aviva Vincent, LSW, VSW  

Description: As the year comes to a close, it’s crucial to objectively evaluate your Animal-Assisted Intervention (AAI) programming. Join Dr. Aviva Vincent as she discusses effective strategies for assessing your program’s successes and challenges. Gain valuable insights to help inform and refine your plans for the upcoming year. 

Access: $19 registration fee OR free to AAAIP Members - Register Here 


November 12th


Mini Conference: Empowering Dog Trainers: Skills and Evaluations for Therapy Animal Teams

7-9 pm ET, 4-6 pm PT (followed by a 30 minute Q/A session for anyone who wants to stay online) 



Speakers: Dr. Elizabeth Lynch, Dr. Gina Caldwell, and more  

Description: Dog trainers are often the first professionals contacted by aspiring therapy animal handlers. It's essential for trainers to understand the necessary skills and behaviors required of therapy animal teams. Additionally, trainers should be equipped to suggest and potentially conduct evaluations for both volunteer and professional handlers. 

Join us to hear from industry experts on these crucial topics, empowering you to better serve your training clients and enhance your expertise in the field. 

Access: $29 to public OR free to AAAIP members  - Register Here 


December 10th


Mentoring Circle: Empowering Dog Trainers 

7-8 pm ET, 4-5 pm PT



Speakers: Dr. Elizabeth Lynch, Dr. Gina Caldwell, and more 

Description: As a follow-up to last month’s mini-conference, join our therapy animal training experts to ask your questions and hear about their professional journeys specializing in this work.  

Access: AAAIP Members only - Register Here 


Recorded Events


Recordings of past AAAIP events are made available at a discounted price or at no cost to AAAIP members. Recordings are available to non-members for purchase.


AAAIP Theory and Practice Conference:

Sessions from the 2023 Theory and Practice Conference are available for purchase in the following bundles. Visit the AAAIP Learning Management System and click on Purchase.

  • AAI with Special Populations: 3 recorded sessions on AAI in medical, collegiate, and correctional settings. 
  • Applied Tools for AAI Practice: 5 recorded sessions that address AAI program development.
  • Researching AAI: 2 recorded sessions available focused on researching AAI. 
  • Individual Sessions on Specific Species:
    • Equine AAI Practitioner Responsibilities
    • Counseling Kids with Critters
    • Cat Training 101

Learn more about these sessions.


AAAIP Mini Conferences:

Mini Conference recordings are available to AAAIP members at no cost. Non-members can access the recordings for $29 each. Visit the AAAIP Learning Management System and click on Purchase.



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Mentoring Circle event recordings are available in the online community.


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